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"What does gradual mean?" The first time I heard his voice I was surprised. The science teacher had told me that he would not ask for help. "Offer it when you feel like you should," she said, pointing to a chair near his table. I was there as an English Second Language tutor, and Zelong, a recent Chinese immigrant, was taking a quiz on ecosystems. As I observed him I marveled at his academic fervor: ten minutes elapsed before he even looked my way. As a student in my third year of Arabic studies, I empathized with and grew to admire the seventh grader for the dogged way in which he pursued academic success in a foreign language. My role over the semester was to ensure that he understood the material and directions in class, as well as to aid him in study strategies and general language comprehension. As I worked with him I found myself challenged to find ways to help him in an academic atmosphere that was not conducive to his learning. Despite his efforts, it became obvious that he was struggling. The media presentations were fast paced and confusing, the classroom over capacity and distracting. Yet, in the face of these obstacles, Zelong was powerfully resolute, and as his grades began to gradually improve I realized that by volunteering my time and giving him individualized attention and positive encouragement, I could help to increase his likelihood of success by compensating for some of the institutional challenges. My experience with Zelong serves as a powerful testament to the impact that building personal relationships through service can have on the success and well-being of an individual, even in the face of overwhelming disadvantages. It is experience and others like it that have sparked my passion for service, which I have sought to embody throughout my time at Louisiana State University.


Department of Residential Life Committees, 60 Hours | Fall 2012 – Present
Social Justice and Service, Sustainability, Training and Team Development Committees

  • Coordinated and implemented special social justice certifications for Resident Assistants, including “junior SAVA” training (Sexual Assault Victim’s Advocacy) and “SafeSpace” certification to create an environment on campus that is more educated about the issues of consent and sexual violence and more supportive for the LGBTQ community. Improved on-campus sustainability and environmental stewardship practices.
  • Organized a campus-wide Social Justice program called “Tunnel of Oppression” which aimed to educate LSU students about issues of contemporary oppression, ranging from racism to sexual slavery.

Honors College Welcome Leader, 36 Hours | Fall 2012, 2013

  • Assisted incoming Honors College freshmen with orientation onto LSU’s campus, including recruiting and leading a team of 25 students on the Community Bound Service Plunge.

Community Bound Service Plunge, 24 Hours | Fall 2010 – Fall 2013

  • Worked in East Baton Rouge Public schools to help renovate under-resourced schools. For two years, managed a team of students and coordinated the distribution of supplies.

English Second Language Tutor, 24 Hours | Fall 2012

  • Tutored and mentored children from China and Sudan, working one on one with them to improve English skills and build confidence through positive weekly interactions.

International Relief & Development Gulf Coast Community Services Center | Summer 2012
Gulfport, Mississippi, 40+ Hours

  • Assisted the Center with community restoration projects, such as the construction of Café Climb, a restaurant designed to give at-risk adolescents access to transferrable managerial training and job-related skills.

VolunteerLSU | Fall 2010 – Present

  • Attended a myriad of service projects organized by VLSU, Served on the Disaster Preparedness and Response Committee which included collaborating with the Red Cross and the Peace Corps to conduct a disaster preparedness presentation. Served on the Youth and Education Committee to aid in the planning of service activities.

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